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Benefits Of Natural Weight Loss

We live in a society where fast foods and a more sedentary lifestyle has become a part of our culture. Due to the increasing rates of obesity, today, mass loss is a topic that is extensively discussed due to the health and financial implications. For health reasons, there is now …

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Natural Vitamin B Benefits

  The natural health researchers at Institute for Vibrant Living (IVL) have investigated the natural forms of B vitamins and their uses. Here is their report:     B Vitamins and Brain Health Considering the importance of keeping one’s brain in peak condition, it is vitally important that one receives …

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Mangosteen Health Benefits

The natural health researchers at Institute for Vibrant Living (IVL) have investigated the properties of the Mangosteen and it’s purported natural health benefits. Here is their report:   If you discovered a fruit which was found to boost energy, counter inflammation, was a powerful antioxidant and had anti-ageing properties, wouldn’t …

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Health Benefits of Chlorella

Commonly referred to as Nature’s Healer, Chlorella is a fresh water algae that is used with great effect in herbal medicine. This algae is a rich source of chlorophyll, perhaps the best source in natural form. Chlorella is believed to rejuvenate the human body as well as improve energy levels …

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Guggul Health Benefits

The guggul tree (sometimes spelt as ‘guggulu’) is an indigenous Indian tree which found abundantly in the temperate climates of north India. It is a small shrub, not more than 4 meters in height. It has a thin bark with thorny branches and trifoliate leaves. It has red or pink …

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The Health Benefits of Natural Green Tea

Green tea has been known in the West for decades, but it’s such a powerfully beneficial tea that so many don’t quite fully realize. Green tea is a gift from Asia where it has been eaten and drunk for thousands of years. It can be a tasty and relaxing beverage, …

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Benefits of a Herbal Colon Cleanse

Herbal colon cleanse is a method of removing feces and toxins from the colon and intestinal tract through the use of a variety of herbs. There are a variety of ways to cleanse your colon, these include: . hydrotherapy – where an enema is used to inject water mixed with …

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Health Benefits

There are a number of reasons why a body needs a regular physical fitness routine. Physical activity is any movement that uses energy. Exercise may be a structured physical activity that’s performed at a selected intensity, for a certain length of time. Performing physical activity daily is proven to enhance …

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