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Diabetes and oral health

Diabetes is a condition in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin. Insulin, a hormone made by the pancreas, converts sugar and other foods into glucose. It then helps carry the glucose from the blood into your cells to be used for energy needed for daily life. …

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Legends of Oral Health

Because of the lack of proper information disseminated, confusion and vague information are carried on by the people. This wrong information can bring a lot of wrong interpretation pertaining to having proper oral health. Among the legends or myths are the following: 1. The effects of unpleasant oral hygiene are …

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Dentists Tips – The Keys To Good Oral Health

A few oral health tips to help individuals obtain the beautiful smile they’ve always wanted and please your dentist. While it’s easy to brush off, proper oral hygiene is an essential aspect of every individual’s overall health. By taking the time to care for your teeth, you will effectively reduce …

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Strong Oral Health Leads To Better Physical Health

Typically, many people don’t associate good oral hygiene with good overall health. In fact, maintaining good overall oral health has a direct affect on many other bodily functions, and making sure that proper oral hygiene is in place will ensure that other medical problems can be avoided. Having a discussion …

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The Connection Between Oral Health & Overall Health

Oral health affects people in a multitude of ways.  Some are basic lifestyle changes; others are detrimental to physical health.  Here are some ways in which your general health and your dental health are connected. How Your Health Affects Your Teeth The immune system is what protects our bodies from …

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Maintain Good Oral Health Through Preventive Dentistry

As the world moves in a fast-paced environment, people forget the simple things that they need to do to take care of themselves. Almost everyone is preoccupied with their work or studies, getting rich and socializing that they tend to ignore their health altogether, most especially their dental health. Plus …

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Know About Oral Health

Oral care is practicing or observing the cleanliness of the mouth and the teeth that would help prevent the development of dental problems or bad breath. Most people develop gum disease at some point in their adult lives leading to tooth loss, bad oral hygiene. A diet high in sugary …

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