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What Makes a Good Magazine Query?

Any successful magazine writer will tell you that query letters are the key to breaking in to the business. In a query letter (these are increasingly emails rather than hard-copy letters), you pitch your fantastic story idea to an editor and request the opportunity to write the story for them. …

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Integrate An Asp.net Query Builder Into Your Website

Extracting data from a database is often complicated without the right ASP.NET web development tools. If you want your users to be able to easily and efficiently extract information from your SQL databases, an ASP.NET query builder will be highly beneficial. There are many situations in which your users will …

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OLAP Server very useful for business query

In the world of Computer, the full form of OLAP Server is Online Analytical Processing Server is a new approach to reply multi-dimensional logical queries. Business intelligence has some broader categories. OLAP is a part of the broader categories. OLAP also includes relational reporting and data mining. It has some …

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Log Parser Lizard Query Software Eases Location

Lizard Labs Log Parser Lizard GUI manages your text-based log data and enhances information storage and search functionality. Lizard Labs, developer of professional system utilities and software for Microsoft Windows, offers an easy new way to manage all your businesss text-based information. Log Parser Lizard is an enhanced query software …

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Prepare A Good Query Package For Your Fiction

You have finished your book and edited them, you are thinking about your publishing goals, whether it will be print publication, electronic publication (epublishing), or self-publishing. You have also had a list of publishers and agents who you like to offer your book. Do you know what you should send …

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