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Sore Throat Causes and Natural Home Remedies

Sore throat is a quite common problem. One is said to suffer from sore throat when the pharynx or back of throat gets inflamed. The membrane covering the pharynx may turn red in case of sore throat. When soreness occurs, there is much irritation of throat, pain in throat. The …

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Herbal Remedies and Supplements

Herbal remedies were all that existed before man came up with modern medicines. While modern medicine is very advanced and helpful, herbal remedies should be your first choice as it is natural. Prescription medicines can cause allergies if you are not careful and you can also have side effects. Herbal …

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Treat Psoriasis with Natural Home Remedies

Psoriasis is one of the most annoying and miserable skin conditions that anyone can develop. Often a chronic condition, it can attack a person’s scalp, back of the elbows and knees, and even armpits. Taking on the appearance of red patches, little scales can also appear on top of them. …

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Heartburn Home Remedies – Natural Cure

Pyrosis consists in a burned-over esthesis that start in the sullen office of the chest and wickerwork prolong itself up to the pharynx. It is commonly produced when gastric acids are flow up through the sphincter that separates the abide from the gullet because this one has not windup itself …

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Herbal Snoring Remedies

Herbal snoring remedies are available that can be used for for those that suffer from the condition. Snoring may not be a problem by itself, but snoring is the root of many other problems affecting not only the person who snores but also his family. Snoring can lead to disturbed …

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Diabetes Herbal Remedies

Diabetes is a disorder characterized by hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, glycosuria and negative nitrogen balance. It is of 2 types: a) Diabetes mellitus (DM) b) Diabetes insipidus. Diabetes mellitus is further categorized into 2 types: a) type 1 DM b) type 2 DM. Many potent herbs have been discovered since ancient times …

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Natural Herbal Remedies

  The Institute for Vibrant Living natural health research dept. has released the following report on the use of natural herbs:   As more and more people become disenchanted with traditional modern medicine, the notion of herbs for healing is gaining popularity.   From ancient medicine men to modern holistic healers, people …

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Herbal Remedies for Gout

Every year, the number of gout sufferers all over the world increases despite the many information resources about the illness. Perhaps you’re already familiar with the joint pains suffered by older individuals. Other people mistake gout for rheumatism and arthritis because the illness is also associated with inflammation of the …

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