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Create a Bedroom Makeover That is Good to Your Health With These ‘Green’ Tips

A bedroom makeover that is ‘green’ will ensure you a healthy environment and is one of the most important things you can do for your well being.

So, here are a few tips to take for ‘greening’ your bedroom.

Purchase a mattress cover for your bed.

Conventional mattresses are made with petroleum-based polyester and polyurethane foam and treated with flame retardants which can emit VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) into your environment causing allergic reactions and other health issues.

A mattress cover creates a barrier so you are not sleeping right on top of something that was treated with harmful chemicals and can be cleaned with regular washing to deter dust mites.

However, if you are in the market for a new bed as part of your bedroom makeover, consider one made from natural or non-toxic materials, like natural latex foam, wool and organic cotton. Natural latex and organic cotton are free of these chemicals commonly used to make mattresses fire retardant and stain repellent.

You probably don’t want to think about this but your bedding could be holding toxins that can lead to allergies and fractured sleep.

Replace worn out sheets with sheets made from natural fibers that are free of synthetic dyes, bleaches and wrinkle and stain proofing treatments. Sheets made from polyester contains petroleum-based fibers and are really not that great for you.

Bedding made from untreated natural fibers such as organic cotton and pure linen are simply the best because they breathe, absorb moisture and don’t produce odors.

For sheets to be organic they have to meet the standards of the US Department of Agriculture, using no pesticides, defoliants or insecticides. Only natural fertilizers are permitted and no chemical treatments or finishes are allowed when the cotton is processed.

On the other hand, traditional cotton is loaded with pesticides, and is often processed with chemicals.

To kill dust mites that love to live in bedding, wash your sheets, blankets and bedspreads frequently in water of 130 degrees with a handful of baking soda with the soap.

Always wash new bed linens before you put them on the bed especially if they are not organic.

Choose your bed pillows carefully and avoid synthetic.

Choosing an organic pillow of cotton or wool will be a big improvement to your health. Cover your pillows with an organic cotton pillow cover for protection, and air out your pillows in the sun as frequently as possible.

Use eco-friendly fabrics that have not been treated with added finishes for your soft furnishings like draperies, or upholstery.

Hard wood floors with water borne finish for the flooring in the green bedroom makeover is best and can be adorned with area rugs made from eco friendly materials. These are healthier and can be removed and steam cleaned.

But, if you long for the luxury of wall to wall carpet, try a wool without the toxic finishes and with a natural fiber backing.

Be sure to use a paint with low levels’ VOC’s to quickly transform the look of your bedroom.
Preserve the quality of your indoor air as this is key to an eco-friendly bedroom makeover.

For a restful sleep and as the weather permits open your windows to ventilate the bedroom and consider a stand alone air purifier that filters out the pet dander, pollen and mold spores.

Adding a few plants to your bedroom makeover will ventilate the air too.

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