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How Good Health Will Help Acne

If you have read my previous ideas on how to get rid of acne I now want to give you a few more tips for finally clearing up your skin and getting rid of that acne once and for all. Well here are a few tips that should help.

Smoking? Why smoke? Many people still smoke even with all of the information out there on how to quit smoking and the health benefits of being a non smoker, well here is one for reason. Smoking causes acne. I know that smoking is bad for acne because I had problems with it years ago and the acne went away one I quit smoking and drinking too much.

Drinking alcohol causes acne. Another one of those seemingly unrelated ideas for getting rid of acne is making sure that alcohol does not litter your body and help free radicals create acne and other skin problems. Alcohol its a major cause of acne the way I look at it and all of those people that are not prone to acne are not going to get it whether they drink alcohol or not but those of us that are blessed with the problem have to watch our drinking.

Using colon cleanses. This is one great way to help your skin and your digestion but some people are not in favor of it so be aware that you may get some resistance. Using psyllium husk or other high fiber methods even including of course apple fasts will help you and even using some of the more powerful colon cleansing formulas will help a lot in improving your health instead of just your skin.

Reduce stress. I know and you are probably aware as well that high stress times are going to be times that cause a lot of acne to happen. If you can just set aside a few minutes a few times a day to concentrate on a solution your problems and another few minutes to just let the stress fall away from you perhaps in meditation then your acne will improve as well.

Sleep enough to be well rested. I have to tell people to get eight hours of sleep a night. I need that much sleep I know but other people need only 6 hours of sleep a day. Regardless of the amount of sleep that you get now make sure that the sleep that you are getting is in fact enough. The worst thing that you can do for you mind is be sleep deprived, you lose concentration easily, have problem solving issues and suffer from bad judgment, all from short changing sleep.

As you can see many of these tips are not what you would consider skin care tips but instead are ideas that will help you make your body more healthy and this will in turn lead to a massive reduction in acne breakouts and zits in general.

If you want to learn more I also have some great tips for learning how to use natural remedies to cure your acne

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