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Natural Health Drinks And Alkaline Foods Boost Recovery From A Cold

Bouncing back from a cold by consuming more alkaline foods and health drinks can give the body a boost of energy. The good news is that when the cold goes away, the body is cleaner, leaner and should function better, presuming you don’t start piling in the junk again. Here is a good way to get back into health and fitness with even more energy and stamina than before.

First, let the cold pass naturally. It is really the body’s way of flushing undesirable waste that has accumulated over time. Attempting to stifle the runny nose, sore throat and cough with medication only delays the inevitable. Slowing the process down only prolongs the misery, and does not offer the full benefit of a natural cleanse. A good, cleansing cold usually hangs around for seven to ten days. Understanding that a cold is a natural cleanse is a mental boost, if nothing else. Then, get more out of the recovery with alkaline foods and natural health drinks. When the cold feels like it is disappearing, that is when it is time to begin a new healthy lifestyle. One of the smartest things to do after a cold is implement smarter food and drink choices. A smart way to do that is by including more alkaline foods and health drinks in your daily diet. This means, buy more foods that are naturally alkaline.

Alkaline foods and natural health drinks usually include fruits, vegetables, and herbal teas. Most people consume too many acid foods and drinks like alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, meat and chips. Experts advise that the average daily alkaline food intake should be about 80% of the diet, compared with only 20% acid foods.

The conventional wisdom is that the odds are greatly reduced for illness and disease to exist in a more alkaline environment. Through research and personal experience, many people have discovered numerous health benefits with more alkaline foods in their diet. By managing a healthy 80% to 20% ratio, they experience fewer colds and aches and pains. Also, by choosing health drinks that are less acid forming, they rest easy knowing that the body has the tools it needs to work on other issues such as weight management, rather than constantly struggling just to maintain internal pH balance.

After recovering from a cold, take advantage of a cleaned out system while taking your health and fitness to a new level. Gain energy, stamina and power with a fresh boost. Search online for natural alkaline foods and health drinks for pH balance. By consuming more of these while avoiding over consumption of acid foods and drinks, you will most likely suffer from fewer colds and they will be less severe.

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