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New Sales Manager – The Way To Get Straight Answers From Your Reps By Asking The Right Queries

Here’s the conversation between sales manager and her rep:

SALES MANAGER: Bill what do you think makes a sensible salesman?

SALES REP: A good salesman? Drive, aggressiveness, being able to talk convincingly, planning his work. Why?

SALES MANAGER: Do you think about yourself aggressive?

SALES REP: Yes, I assume so. You’ve got to be aggressive to form sales.

SALES MANAGER: What’s your idea of being aggressive?

SALES REP: Oh, let’s see. Well, applying pressure, staying within the interview when it gets rough, asking for the order, (pause) I suppose that is about it. But what are you getting at? Do not you think that I’m aggressive?

SALES MANAGER: What do you are doing within the sales interview?

SALES REP: What do you mean what do I do? You’ve got been on calls with me. (Salesman is obtaining irritated)

SALES MANAGER: I need to hear your view of it.

SALES REP: I say, hello, present my product, show samples, provide literature, and leave.

SALES MANAGER: What concerning soliciting for the order?

SALES REP: What concerning it?

SALES MANAGER: Do you raise for it?

SALES REP: Well, I wouldn’t get it if I did not raise for it, and you recognize my sales are moving up. You do not have any complaints regarding my sales do you?

SALES MANAGER: Your sales are returning along fairly well however they may be better. On my last visit with you I noticed you didn’t attempt arduous enough to close.

SALES REP: What do you mean? I strive for a close in my very own way. Each salesman has his own approach. You said yourself once we tend to should not use a canned approach Anyway we happened to own a run of calls where the timing on several of them was wrong for closing. That wasn’t typical.

Here’s the unspoken communication:

You’re not interested in finding out the truth and improving yourself but only want to put on as smart a front as potential and see how a lot of you’ll be able to escape with. You will reject any constructive criticism I offer. You are untrustworthy in this respect and thus I am unable to be straight-forward with you but should strive to lure you into admitting your faults.

A Better Starting to a Powerful Conversation

Think of how completely different the discussion would possibly have been if the district manager had opened with an announcement like the subsequent one:

“Bill, I needed to talk to you about the closing of the sale. From my last visit with you I felt that you weren’t attempting onerous enough for a close. What’s your feeling regarding this?”

The probabilities are that the sales rep would have replied with something kind of like the following: “I wasn’t aware of this. I thought I used to be closing. Will you tell me specifically what you mean?” This could lead each of them toward getting all the way down to specifics and taking an objective look at what was done as compared with what the manager thinks should be done.

Tell Before You Raise

One common manner sales managers create distrust is by asking their reps questions while not telling them why they want/would like the information. Therefore, the opposite person becomes suspicious. He feels that perhaps the primary person is trying to lure him in some way. (And often, the first person is).

A abundant higher beginning to a sales manager/rep conversation is to share the purpose of the talk. Not solely can it speed up the communication process, it will send the correct unspoken message – that you simply trust your sales rep to inform you the truth, which you can be trusted to handle it.

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