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One Of The Best Natural Health Cures Is An Internal Cleanse

An internal cleanse is more than a colon cleanse, but knowing what the colon does, will give you an idea of why you should cleanse your colon. There are other parts of your body, such as the liver,or the kidneys that also need cleansing, so an internal cleanse is vitally important.

The colon is better known as your large intestine, and it basically starts at the junction of the small intestine and the appendix, and travels to the opening of the anus. The colon is about 5 feet long, and is divided into three parts, the ascending colon, which goes up one side of your body, the transverse colon, which goes horizontally across your body, and the descending colon, which goes back down on the other side of your body.

The purpose of the colon is to remove waste and re-absorb the excess water. Since most of the digestion and absorption takes place in the stomach and small intestines, only food wastes and water make it to the colon.

Fecal matter is soft and watery as it goes up the ascending colon, starts to harden through the transverse colon, and then after more absorption of water in the descending colon, it is eliminated from the body. What is a colon cleansing, and why do people need one? Not all of the waste is removed from the colon, depending mainly on the food consumed, and it builds up in the colon, adding pounds, and needing to be removed.

There are many different products that will clean out the colon, and removing the plaque and debris found in the colon will be helpful to your health.

Many diseases can be alleviated with a colon cleanse, and it may also be used as a possible prevention of cancer. Based on the testimonies of the large number of people who have had their colons cleansed, most have been satisfied with the positive results.

It has been said that health starts in the colon, good health if you keep it in good shape, and bad health if you let poisons remain in your colon to spread to the rest of your body.

An internal cleanse of your body is necessary to your overall health, but rather than using herbs or pills, the best internal cleanse can be done by eating the right foods. There are cleansing foods that can be eaten or juiced, that can bring you back to excellent health.

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