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The Actual Facts Concerning Black Tea Health Benefits

Over the past decade or so, numerous research and studies has shown that that there are many black tea health benefits. One such benefit is said to be the calming of one’s nerves. Other teas also are said to have therapeutic related benefits. Generally people know of herbal teas and green teas, on the other hand, the black tea is actually more popular globally.

It’s been shown that green and black teas range from same plant. The real difference in them is the way they are prepared. The difference is that green tea is partly fermented whereas black is fully fermented. It was initially thought that due to this that green tea was healthier.

Various studies have been conducted through the years, and one of the one of the main black tea benefits which was discovered is that drinking of this tea can help lower the risk of heart disease by reducing ones LDL. It was documented that for the men that drank up to 4 cups of this on a daily basis had a significantly less risk of heart disease or stroke.

Yet an additional study that was conducted over a two month period was linked to reducing stress by decreasing cortisol ranges; which are stress related hormones inside ones bloodstream. Some of the study participants were given placebo and some black tea with caffeine and exposed to numerous stress similar situations. The study showed that those with placebo had a greater stress level and higher blood pressure; while the individuals drinking the black team were much more mellow in the same situations.

There are numerous other black tea health benefits however they have not been fully studies. A few of these show that by consuming two cups of black tea one’s memory may be improved plus they are considered much more alert and attentive. An additional lesser examined area has stated that this tea may actually help reduce severe osteoporosis as it helps sustain bone density (for females).

What makes black tea stay ahead of the other teas is that you can get this in many delicious flavors some of which are very sweet and some very sour. It must also be pointed out however, that anyone that has allergic reactions to tannin (caffeine) or has diabetes should never drink black tea.

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