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The Best Herbal Shampoo

The best herbal shampoo is formulated with natural ingredients to provide deep, gentle cleansing without stripping oils or nutrients.

Using botanical extracts provides similar, unique and often improved results compared to synthesized ingredients.  Many coloring agents, harsh surfactants, and paraben preservatives can leave your hair “squeaky clean”, but play havoc on the biological structure of the follicle shaft and cortex.

Continued or extended use can lead to weakness and breaking, loss of color and body, and a dull, lifeless appearance.  And though some ingredients are necessary for effective formulation and shelf-life, harsher “actives” are poor substitutes used to lower cost of production and distribution.

How do Herbs and Extracts Help?

Herbal shampoo as seen a resurgence in the last 10 years.  Not only has research discovered herbs, essential oils and paraben-free preservatives, their effectiveness for providing increased hair growth, improved shine and strength, and deep cleaning action has proved superior to many previously considered “top” formulations.

Shampoo and conditioner formulations now use ingredients such as Sage, Fenugreek and Thyme to help soothe the scalp and provide an improved environment for faster growth.

The use of proteins – silk, rice, wheat and corn have been shown super-effective for increasing protein and amino acid bonding.  With varying molecular weights (sizes), they can penetrate the shaft adding strength, luster and shine, and added protection from sun, UV and heat damage – reducing split-ends, breakage, and damage.

Zinc and Trichogen (a 14 herbal complex) offer two distinct benefits.  One, they help neutralize DHT – a leading cause of male pattern balding – and help stimulate follicle growth and micro-circulation in the scalp; and two, they have been shown to regulate sebum or hair oils.  This controls or regulates the sebaceous glands secretions aiding clarifying and deep cleaning – reducing oily hair!

The use of Panthenol and Jojoba Oil provide soothing relief to the scalp and mimic our natural oils – moisturizing the scalp and hair relieving us of dry, brittle or fly-away.

There are many other herbs, essential oils, extracts and botanicals that are in the manufacturer’s arsenal today. A well developed herbal shampoo – whether its for growth, shine, moisture or cleansing – can be the best shampoo you’ve used!

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