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Tips on Betta Fish Care

The Betta fish belongs to the gourami family and there are actually 28 known species of this kind. All Betta species are small but they vary in size from 2.5 cm to 5 inches. They are very popular among hobbyists because of their colorful and flashy colors. Learning Betta fish care is very important because there are some things that would compromise the fish’s health although in general, caring for them is really simple and it just requires common sense. They exist in small mud puddles and they can pretty much gulp air from the water’s surface so they are well suited to small fish bowls. You can definitely put one or more Bettas together in a larger aquarium but keep in mind that male Bettas are not too friendly with each other. They can fight and fighting causes extreme stress and the weaker ones have the tendency to suffer life-threatening injuries.

Like I said, Betta fish care is not that difficult to learn. You just have to know the basics and then you’re good to go. When it comes to feeding, you should feed lightly and daily. There are various preparations of Betta food in the market today and if you want to add some variety, you can add bloodworms to their diet. Don’t forget to remove any uneaten food in the fish bowl or tank because it can rot and pollute the water which can cause stress or even death to your fish. Keeping your Betta in a larger fish tank is better than putting them in a fish bowl. You can also add compartments to your large fish tank to separate your fish from one another especially if you have plenty of male Bettas. What about the water level? This is really important especially if you are using a small fish bowl. Check the water level regularly because even when you use a plastic compartment, it will be mounted very near the surface which will evaporate more quickly.

Another thing about Betta fish care that you want to pay attention to is tank maintenance. Perform water changes every now and then to make sure your fish have a clean and healthy environment. It will also help if you have a pH test kit because as you know, significant changes pH level can be fatal.

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